Sick and no voice...sigh

So today I'm home sick with not much of a voice.  Staying home sick is not as great as it used to be...I have kids at home now, so I'm not on my own.
I got some extra sleep!  but, now it's time to bug the others that should be out of bed and doing.  Because mom's home and can do that.  :)
Hope you had a good weekend.  I did find a couple of silly things to mention...
Cigarettes Are Hazardous To Your Health Day - go figure, really?  Who would have guessed...picture me rolling my eyes now.  (where do you think my kids got it?)  sigh.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day - well...perhaps thats something I can do today while home sick...but you never know.  I'm big at procrastination.  :)

on a food note- it's also National Milk day and Hot Toddy day - so you can combine that and enjoy.  I think a hot chocolate would suffice, lol.

Have a good one.


clarissa said…
Apparently you have a sarcastic humor to you when you're sick, lol.

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