Well....I'm still alive, sort of, lol

And I actually have a voice!!  Well...mostly, lol.  We missed some fun stuff over the past couple of days...yesterday was Rubber Ducky day! 
today is a couple of low key ones...
International Kite Day - except it's kind of hard to fly a kite in Utah right now...snow kind of makes it difficult, lol.  unless you're Charley Brown, right? Hopefully you've seen the movie - it's awesome. 
Dress Up Your Pet Day  -   My daughter likes to dress up her dog for halloween, but I don't think he likes it.  Does your pet like to be dressed up?
Organize Your Home Day - I think this goes with January anyway - don't you?  I always think of cleaning up after taking the Christmas decor down and getting the house back in shape. 

Monday was Clean off your desk day...and one of my favorite cartoonist, Boynton, has a twitter account, and posted this one --
 Now that's my version of cleaning...lol
Thanks Sandra, for giving us something to laugh about as always.  You should go visit her site, it's pretty fun.   

and for food...
Today is Hot Pastrami Sandwich day.  Ohh...Have you ever had the pastrami burger at Crown Burgers?  I'm not a big pastrami fan, but I do love those.
Anyway - whatever you do, enjoy.

Brief bit of sadness...Alan Rickman died today at 69.  Apparently he'd been battling cancer.  Who knew?  Anyway - another to add to the list of those who have gone to the party on the other side.
Well...life goes on.
Have a great day.


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