Okay Not Kevin Bacon...
I didn't mean to title this post after food, but you have to admit...bacon is a worthwhile title.  :)  Today is National Bacon day!  My son-in-law will be in heaven, my daughter has already texted me that she will need to eat all the bacon, and the smell of it can send most of us swooning, can it not??  I love bacon.  I like it crisp.  I like it in salads, on pizza, in and or with eggs, with pancakes, oh's good stuff.  though I don't think I'd like it on a cupcake...

Anyway - didn't mean to get off on that track...

 National Personal Chef's Day

Everyone who ever wanted to have their personal chef, raise their hand!  lol  I guess if you've got that kind of money, more power to you.  Personally, I like to cook - and I usually improvise my recipes.  (My hubby complains that I rarely make the same thing the same way twice...)
So...I'll be someone elses chef...want to hire me?  &#X1f60a

and more on National Bacon Day - all those who like pretty much every meat we eat off that angry animal raise their hands!  That would be me.  I was telling someone the other day, it's kind of funny how this was a banned meat in Jesus's time, and now we use much of it...pork roast, bacon, Canadian bacon, (back bacon) short ribs, boneless ribs, ham, ...sigh.   
My son once decided that there was merit to fixing a faux roast that he'd seen on a anime graphic novel...he bought this huge thing of ground beef and wrapped it in bacon.  UGH.  The bacon was good...but it was tooo much.  Anyway - bacon is definitely on the menu today!  What's your favorite way to eat it?  I like it crispy on just about anything.  My daughter likes it chewy.  To each their own, Iguess.  I figure I've probably got lots of those carcinogenic cells in my body...  :-/

And last...if you are a nut fan,
World Pistachio Day!  My father-in-law loved pistachios.  He would always have a bag around if he could.  I don't mid them, but I like a lot of other nuts more.   It will be interesting to see how many people go grab some just because of the day...

Well - everyone have an awesome weekend and enjoy the sunshine!  I guess we're supposed to get rain, and that's good too.


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