Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone!!
It's the year of the I guess that means if you like to climb things, you're good...or if you have kids that climb the walls, they should have fun this year, lol.  It's supposed to be the most unlucky of their go figure.  I was born under the year of the personally, I would rather have been born under the monkey!! 
What animal were you born under?  Here's a little graph to look it up...(you have to scroll down pretty far to find it, sorry)
Anyway - eat Chinese to celebrate!  Watch the Forbidden's a great one with Jackie Chan.

It's also Molasses Bar day - which is something I wouldn't have thought of celebrating, but ya know.  Here's a recipe from the Nibble - a food blog.

Hope which ever way you go, you have a great one.  :)


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