Okay...is it just me?  But every time we have a short week, it seems even longer!!  What's up with that??  This has been a crazy week for my family...we've been busy almost every night.  Tuesday was our wards Blue and Gold..(which turned out stunning, lol).
Wednesday we went to the Provo Temple Open House...So beautiful!! 
And last night we went and visited granddaughters which we haven't seen in weeks because either we've been sick or they've been sick.  sigh.  So glad for the weekend!!

Best Friends Day - apparently this is related to Spongebobsquarepants...but if you aren't a big fan of the square guy, I think it's just a good day to tell your friends how much you appreciate them.  

Chocolate Mint Day - My husbands favorite thing.  I'm not so big on mint, but if it's a good flavor and dark chocolate, I'm all for it!! The Nibble has this recipe attached to this day...doesn't look very minty to me, but it sure looks good!

National Lashes Day - Okay - I like having eyelashes, but a day dedicated to it?  That seems a little extreme...anyone else?

Women in Blue Jeans Days - this encompasses today and tomorrow.  I guess it's a good thing, I like blue jeans.  Especially the stretchy kind.  Which is your favorite?  The old standard of 501s or Wrangler?

well...whatever kind of day you have, make it a good one!


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