Happy Wednesday

I would say hump day, but it's not really as we only had a four day work week (well, most of us)...so we're still glad it's Wednesday though, right?  Some of us were having to remind ourselves all day yesterday that it wasn't really Monday...  although I kept reminding people that it was Monday in our minds...lol

Today is Champion Crab Races Day!  Anyone heard of that?  I hadn't. apparently it's a big thing on the islands...and coasts.  But if you don't live by there...what to do??  well...one couple has a pair of rabbits...

it's also Indian Pudding Day.  In case you didn't know (I didn't) Indian pudding is called that because it uses cornmeal instead of flour, and they got the cornmeal from the Indians, so that's why it's called Indian Pudding.  Little bit of trivia for the day...lol  Never had it, so we might try some tonight and see how it turns out.

Hope you have an excellent day!!


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