It's Groundhog Day

Hi everyone...this month seems to have a lot of stuff people want to celebrate.  I'm not sure it's worth the time, lol.

I think everyone knows that it's Groundhog day, right?  I guess it's called different things by different people, like Hedghog day, Goundhog Job Shadow day, Marmot day, (which is in Alaska) etc.  Whatever.  I heard that they said it's a early spring back east...I think it's probably wishful thinking on their part, lol.  I'm sure ours saw his shadow, it's was sunshiny this morning!

Crepe Day - Crepes!!  I love crepes.  Maybe we'll have them instead of what I was planning for dinner...  don't know.  Which is your favorite way to eat them?  with meat and sauce or fruit and whipped topping?  I think both is awesome. 

Apparently it's called La Chandeleur day in France - since that's where crepes originate, we'll go with that.  It's a celebration of spring on it's way...and apparently crepes represent the sun, for one of the rumors...  &#X1f60a  It's also a very superstitious day for the French.  I guess if I were prone to be superstitious, then that would worry me, lol.

Sled Dog Day - since we could have all used a sled dog Saturday or yesterday, it would be nice, but not many around here.  When our twins were little we knew a woman that had sled dogs, and would race them and stuff.  She was in a parade one year and had the girls in a wagon with the dogs pulling them.  It was cute and fun...  But those are special dogs!!

World Play Your Ukulele Day - okay - everyone who has a ukulele, raise your hand!!  I don' we aren't going to be celebrating this one at my house.  Hope you have fun with it!  &#X1f60a  If your bored, there are a few videos of ukulele music on youtube, lol. 

And's National Heavenly Hash Day.  Now then...Heavenly Hash?  I always thought hash was something made with potatoes.  I forgot about the ice cream I'd discovered on my mission...(along with tin roof, lol)  Apparently it's a fruit dish with whipped cream, or sour cream, depending on your leanings.  Personally, I'll skip the sour cream.  Give me whipped cream every time! But as I said, it's become a cookie, a bar, and a ice cream.  So whichever version you prefer, have fun.  It could be quite the decadent party tonight...crepes and heavenly hash!  oh my...  &#X1f60a

Have a great day.  Stay warm!


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