Politics... UGH - beware of rant

Politics. I wish we didn't have to deal with them.  I wish the second coming was already here and Christ was the leader we could look to.
But that's not happening right now, and it might still be a while.  So we have to deal with the people and country we have now.
You know, America is still great. America was amazing. People around the world knew that they could come here, start with nothing, and work their way into a better place. It was the land of dreams.
Now it is becoming the land of taxes, big government, and politics.  There are still good amazing people. There is still a LOT that is good about America. But there is also much that is going wrong, and part of the problem is the people.
Yes, you.  Each of you.  Because we have millions of people that don't participate in the political process every time there's an election.  So, you have a gripe with the government...the governor...the senators...the laws.  You decide not to vote, that's how you'll show them.  So you hate who won.  Whose fault is THAT??  YOURS!!  If you and enough of your friends had voted the way you felt things should go, it would have happened!!
Everyone says that one vote doesn't count, but if 1 person out of every 10 voted, and there are millions that don't vote....that's still millions that would and SHOULD do and try.  It is our civic duty as citizens of this country!
There are people all around the world that would give everything if they could have the power to have say in their governments. We have been so very blessed!!  Our forefathers were so inspired.
And now people want to trash the constitution. They want to try other forms of government.
Don't you think that's been done and done and done??
Here is a great video that explains different political governments and ideals.
sorry...couldn't embed it, so you'll have to go look at it.  It's great - simple and straight forward.

Now that we've had some background on that...here's a video of Milton Friedman...a Nobel Peace Price winner.  He kind of knows what he's talking about...but no one wants to recommend him but Glenn Beck, and everyone thinks he's an extremist.

Some how the ideal of a free people with a strong family and a strong society has become something that no one wants.  They want the government to tell us everything we can do, live on and make everyone equal.
It's not what our forefather's wanted for us, and it's not what I want.  So, I don't know about you, but I'm going to be voting this year.  We have got to TRY and elect someone that will care about this country and it's people without destroying everything that was created for us.

Tune in next week for more of my frothy stuff, lol.
Hope you have a great Valentines day tomorrow...and Presidents Day on Monday.


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