We had guests...

Hi everyone!  Welcome to February, huh?  This morning was crazy!  Good thing we're getting lots of water in the mountains...
we have deer going through our yard a lot, but last night was a wild one - they were on our deck!!
We have a bunch of apples left from being picked from our trees on the back deck, and the deer discovered them, I guess.  Anyway - my kids were taking pictures of them.  Crazy!

So - there are lots of things to celebrate or comment on today, thanks to Brownilocks.com...here we go...

Change Your Password Day - for those of you who don't automatically have to change your password every 90 days...I guess it's good to be reminded.  My computer at home tells me to do it every 90, so, go figure...  sigh.

Decorating With Candy Day - I guess this is for those who are starting to do valentines cookies already, lol.  I think it would work for Christmas time too...but whatever...decorate! 

Hula in The Coola Day - Everyone hula!!  Apparently this is for everyone who is tired of the cold winter...put on a grass skirt and go hula outside...  I think it's a great excuse to have a Hawaiian party INSIDE where you don't freeze your keister.  Anyone else?

International Face & Body Art Day - I'm not much for body art, but I have begun doing face painting.  I don't know why they would pick February, it's a little cold to do any face painting!  It would work in the lower places though...Oh well.  Pretend, right?  

Robinson Crusoe Day - Another reason to think tropical...everyone wants to float away and live on their own island.  Tonight would be a fun night to do all of the above.

Spunky Old Broads Day - I figure several of us fit into that category, lol.  Anyone read the Maxine comics?  She's a spunky old broad...and she usually has something to say about everything...

February is also a big foodie month...
Today specifically is Baked Alaska Day..

sorry, not going to go to that effort myself.  Had it once on a cruise - wasn't that impressed, lol.

Anyway - hope you had a great weekend and that today is awesome.  Fun days ahead!

Go get your hula on!!


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