Easter was awesome....and other thoughts.

Okay - so had a wonderful Easter weekend with my granddaughters (well...2 of the 3) and the weather was it's usual FREEZING...sigh.  Have I ever told you about the Easter that we went to California and had an Easter Egg hunt on the beach??  It was the best...we fried like an egg..it was ugly red and watching TV in the hotel because we couldn't go outside and stand the sun on our poor skin....but the first day was awesome!! lol.  It was warm!
Anyway - oldest wanted to be painted like a bunny...so that was my attempt.  We were doing face painting at Fat Cats, but she didn't get there in time, so I did it at home.  She's so cute!!  Her little sister in the background let me paint a bunny on her cheek, and then promptly tried to wipe it off...  sigh.

I'm loving this weather because it's more snow in the mountains which is always good.  I get to cuddle in front of my computer and write, and sip hot herbal tea and gaze out the window at the green things starting to bud and the apricot tree which has more blooms that we thought possible because we really thought it was dying...

It's National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - which I celebrate and take a hat off to those who have been able to keep it going, unlike some of us...sigh.  It has now been 12 years since we closed Jethros...  We will now listen to taps in it's honor...  :)

It's also National Lemon Chiffon Cake day...and I've never had it, but if it's lemon it should be good...

And Monday it was awesome because my son got to see his daughter for the first time in three years...

Which means we get to see pictures of her!!  She is so adorable!  I'm such a happy grandma!  I'll get to actually see her in about three weeks...but for now, I know she's real!  lol

Well...need to get something productive done...not sure what though.  It is my vacation...  :)   Maybe I'll fold clothes and watch a movie...  lol

Have an awesome day!


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