Happy Friday!

It has certainly felt like spring this week, hasn't it?  I'm loving it.  &#X1f60a  And then we have a guest coming from out of town that we only get to see on Sunday and what does the weather say???  Rain...sigh.  Oh well...what else is weather like in Utah?  &#X1f60a

Anyway - there was lots of strange stuff on the brownielocks site, so I just ignored it and went for the interesting.

What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day - now that's a question for you.  Have you given any thought to what it would be like if they could grip things?  I mean, cats try it anyway, they're claws bend much more than dogs.  But if they could actually hold things, we'd be in trouble!  Like this one...

National Pound Cake Day! - Apparently people really like this cake...personally I think I haven't had a good one, because I think it's a little boring an dry.  They claim that it's supposed to be moist and light, so I guess I might have to try making one.  Do you like pound cake?  This recipe sounds like it might be good...

It's also (according to Brownielocks) Employee Appreciation day.  Well, I certainly appreciate all of you!! If I had an employee, I'd give them an hour off.  (I'd say the whole day, but who knows why I'd be a boss?  I might need the help! lol)

It's also National Day of Unplugging...and for those of us who aren't really plugged in, we can ignore it.  &#X1f60a  Right?  Or do they mean TV too...lol.  Friday's are our movie night, so isn't happening.

Anyway - Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Yard work, here we come!


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