Happy St Patties Day!!!

Yes...I shortened it - I do that.  It drives my hubby nuts, but he still loves me.  :)

Hi everyone!  There hasn't been a lot to mention this week, but today I couldn't miss!  &#X1f60a  I hope everyone wore green!!  And if you're a spoil sport...beware, you'll probably have pranks or pinches today.  lol

of course first is St. Patrick's Day!!!  

  Which is celebrated in Chicago by turning the river green...  That would kind of gross me out, personally.  I like to be silly with stuff, but there's a limit...

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day- this would be every kid, right??  All kids are incredible!!

CampfireGirls Day - is this the same as a girlscout?  I've never heard of campfire girls.  Have you?

National Irish Coffee Day - if I were a coffee drinker, I'd probably like this!  But I'm voting for irish hot cocoa!!  I love Stephens Irish Creme or I guess its Mint truffle...add some whipped topping, YUM.  

And last but not least - and no big surprise, lol, it's
Corned Beef and Cabbage Day!  Personally, I love corned beef.  I had never tasted it until about 20 years ago and one of my best friends introduced me to it. Back then it was an economical type thing and my kids loved it.  Now it's a tad expensive compared to tuna or beef even...it's $4 for less than a pound!!!  sigh.  So...no corned beef for us.  Of course, I guess there is the big slabs of stuff that you can buy...I never have figured out how to cook that right, lol.  I think we're going to have baked potatoes with toppings for dinner....or maybe a french fry dinner with different toppings...  How about you??

Well...anyway - have an awesome day!!


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