It's March!

Happy March 1st!  I can't believe February is finally over!  I think I mentioned before how long it seemed to be for me...UGH.  At least the weather is supposed to be really nice this week.  Preview of coming attractions, right?   We have a few items to have fun with - and got a little carried away with videos enjoy. 

Dadgum That's Good Day - I guess if you've heard of this then you know what it's about.  I've never heard of it, or the man that apparently wrote a cookbook and does a tv show about cooking...
sounds like Duck Dynasty meets Paula Deen...  lol

National Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Day - I just thought this was fun since we all like Billi Holiday  

and Natalie Cole... (at least everyone I've ever met has liked them.)  I love when she did the duets with her dad.  

Peace Corps Day - I don't know anyone that's ever been in the Peace Corps.  I realize that they have their place (perhaps) but all I can think of is Two Weeks Notice and how her boyfriend is always off on a Green Peace boat... lol.  I figure that's about the same thing.  

National Peanut Butter Lovers day - this is my day!!  But really, what's better than peanut butter with strawberry jam or honey??  YUM  Though I never did like the stuff where they had the stripes of peanut butter with the jam in the same jar?  ugh...I like my peanut butter by itself first.  I love peanut butter.  I don't know exactly what it is, the smooth creamy peanutty texture, or the way it tasted on a nice slice of whole wheat bread...(or when I was a kid it was french bread, lol)  But I never get tired of it.  I fed it to my kids a lot when they were younger and my oldest still won't touch it. 

Pig Day - today is pig day!!  Pig lovers unite.  I'm not sure they would say it's for those who like to EAT pig, but ya know.  Sandra Boynton's tweet is good...  

Plan a Solo Vacation Day - having done this both on purpose and by accident, I have to say it depends on where you are in your life.  When I was a young mother we heard of a mommy's weekend, and my hubby insisted that I do it.  I went on of them included a friend for a couple of the days, one was by myself.  At that point, I LOVED every moment of it.  Then, I ended up going to Hawaii by myself because of condo time that we had...this was several years after the last mommy weekend, and the children were more grown.  I promised myself I would never go anywhere without my hubby again.  Not worth it...would rather be with him than without anytime.  &#X1f60a  But that's me.  What would you like to do and where would you want to go??

World Compliment Day - pay everyone a compliment!!  It's easy to do - and I sound like a preschool song.  "It's easy to do, all you do is open your mouth and kind things come out," lol

Hope you all have a marvelous day and enjoy the sunshine.


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