30 years!!

Believe it or not...30 years ago my wonderful hubby asked me to marry him.  :)  It's hard to believe....the years have gone by sooo fast!!  And now it's 7 kids and 3 grandkids later...  who knew?

So...in preparation for the big question, he asked me what my favorite food was.  I said PIZZA!  lol.  See...I haven't changed that much, right?  anyway - he says he should have asked me what type of food I liked, like Italian, Chinese, etc...  so, he ended up taking me to Godfather's pizza in Trolley Square.  It was awesome.  I told everyone we met that I'd just gotten engaged.  So...since we are both sentimental...he found the lone Godfather's Pizza restaurant that is left in Utah, and brought it home for dinner last night.

Those are his hands in the photo...he wouldn't let me take one of his face...lol.  anyway - I am such a lucky girl.  I'd say yes again in a heartbeat.  YES!!  (although he claims I never did say anything, just hugged him, lol)

I don't remember the photo on the box before, but it has been 30 years, lol.  They have gradually faded out in this state...I was glad there was at least one left close enough.  It tasted good...not the best like it was, but still good.  :)

He also bought me 30 balloons!!  It was so amazing to watch him pull them all in from the car.  I can't believe they fit!  :)

I love balloons.  :)


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