And at's Friday!

For some reason, this has been the LONGEST week...and yet the shortest at the same time.  I'm not sure if it was just lets get this month over with! or just that I had so much going on at home that it seemed insane all around.  sigh.  Between helping my son and wife move out of their rental into OUR house, and prepping our house for them to stay there short term...and his birthday (which was kind of overlooked due to that was the day they actually moved....) and yesterday finding out that my doctor thinks I have Ilio T Band Syndrome... (really???  WHY?  ugh.) and now we have yet the house to get put back in order because my son brought 2 sets of couches with him and we already have 2 sets, lol.  Storage is an option, I guess, but we hate the idea of paying someone else to hold our stuff.  So I think we're clearing out the old couches in the front room and making way for newer ones in the future... I'm liking that idea.  :)  It's still wrong to have 9 people in the house's supposed to be subtraction, not addition!  good thing I love my kids...though they don't think so right now - they are 24 hours from being kicked out if they don't have solid plans on future movement by the end of the day.  I'm sure a few of them are thinking they're ok, and a couple of them really are (they've actually talked to us) but in general...sigh.  I just love having adult children!!!  (NOT)

anyway - I wanted to post this lovely grainy  The mountains were sooo gorgeous yesterday, and this is the best I was able to get.  My son sent me an awesome one too, but I can't seem to get it off my phone.  :-/

SO - onto the day!!

International Dance Day - Yeah!  I had to post Sandra Boynton's tweet for the day...she always cracks me up.  :)  
Once more we can get up and boogie and everyone can join in.   Here's another fun one to dance and groan to...  

(I think everyone has seen some elementary kids dress this way...)

National Hairball Awareness Day - I don't know why this needs to be a day...isn't everyone aware of hairballs when their cats toss them up???  hmm

National Teach Your Children To Save Day - good luck with that.  If you are able to get them to actually do that, you'll be one up on me.  Out of 7 children, only 2 actively save....sigh.

World Wish Day - I guess if we could all have one wish today, this would be the day, huh?  I don't know who comes up with these, I find them at still.  I guess we should pretend everyone had a fairy godmother 
today and could have our wishes granted...what would you wish for??  World Peace?  More money?  Happier life?  I'm afraid I'd probably wish to be skinny, but I guess that's not the point of overcoming something...I wouldn't learn from it.  sigh.  so then I'd wish my hubby and I could celebrate our anniversary somewhere we've never been before.  That's always a possibility, right?  😊

Zipper Day - yes...the day of the zipper!!  Can you imagine what life would be like without having a zipper??  from shoes to pants to shirts, jackets, bags, you name it!  Crazy how that invention took over the world.  This site has a great little blurb on them...

so, that's all for now.  Hope you have an awesome day, and great weekend!!


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