Food, Rain and happiness...

Okay - so I don't know of any songs that go on about Tuesday, do you?  I mean there's lots of songs about Monday...I think I've heard about Wednesday...everyone LOVES Friday - but Tuesday is left out a in honor of the day - which is National Pretzel Day!!
 I suggest everyone enjoy a nice thick chewy pretzel!   I think I'll have to go home and make some...without the salt...ugh!!  My hubby laughs whenever I'm eating pretzels because I'm always rolling the salt off...
As you can tell...this photo is from Crouton cracker jacks...and they look awesome!!

Here's a couple of recipes for you to enjoy...

I have to say that I am thankful for my general outlook on life.  I realize that this might make something punch me in the face or knock me for a loop -  life does that a LOT - but I still am generally happy!  I love my hubby and am quite content most of the time.  When I hear about those that suffer from depression, or anxiety or other illnesses, it is something that is so SAD to me!  :(   I don't understand how it happens...and I hope that I never make anyone feel less or stupid or whatever because of my lack of understanding.  I realize that much of it is due to brain chemistry...we are all simply wired the way we are.  Sometimes it can be managed with medication, sometimes not.  For those of you who suffer with something that makes it difficult to be around others or to enjoy life, I'm so sorry.  If you ever need a smile or someone to lean on, I'm here.  Just give me a call or drop by and I'm there for you.

I'll make you a pretzel.  :)

hope you have an awesome day and enjoy the rain!!  Those May showers better be awesome, right?


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