Food thoughts and She wants it!

Hi everyone!  What a busy week...and it's almost over!  wow.  And you thought April would take forever, didn't you??  Well...I admit, I did. 

Anyway - didn't have a chance yesterday, or I would have mentioned that it was  National Cheddar Fries Day!  Got to be one of my favorites.

 Today there is only a couple of things that I thought were worth mentioning from Brownielocks site:

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day - which my daughter would totally agree with.  She has one...and it's a silly dog.  It has bit my little dog, but I have to say my little dog was egging her on...sigh.  they aren't all bad... 

High Five Day - give everyone a high five that you meet today!  It's a way to put a smile on everyone's face. 

Kindergarten Day - I'm not sure why they would say today is Kindergarten day...wouldn't that be in the fall when kids started?? 

And of my very favorites!!!  National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day - oh boy, I think cashews are one of my favorite nuts.  This has got to be the best way to eat them, lol.  Other than with chicken in a stir fry... - I have to share the most exciting news I think I've ever had in relation to my writing....  An agent wants to see one of my books!!!  Oh's soooo exciting, and I'm so nervous...and what if she doesn't like it after she looks at it???  And it's a national agent, so ...the book is basically she going to hate it for that??  OR will she like it because it's not preachy??  sigh.  I've never had anyone request a novel before, so this is like the biggest thing ever!!!

ARGH!  Okay...I can do this...

everyone wish me luck!!!


clarissa said…
Just breathe, just breathe...:)

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