Okay - I know it's April, and it's supposed to be spring...and for the most part it is!  I mean, my tulips are blooming all over!

But when I got to work this morning...

Oh to love the water...will totally want it by June.  :)

I have this cool flower blooming in my flower bed...I think it's a poppy.  Any ideas?

 Well...onto the stuff.  First...
McDonald's Day - don't know why, didn't have time to look it up, I would imagine it's the founders bday, or the day a first one opened, who knows.  But if you like they're food...go celebrate with them!  lol  My hubby would rather have a root canal...just sayin'.

National Day of Silence - if I were going to celebrate this one I definitely would need a piece of tape over my mouth.  If it's in all forms, we'd be in 

Rubber Eraser Day - I don't think I want to know what other kind of erasers there are...but since pencils exist, I'm SOO thankful that erasers exist.  😉

Take a Wild Guess Day - Now here's another one I can fully get behind.  I love this!!  I'm afraid it's kind of the sarcastic side of me...because that's usually what I say to my children when they ask me a question that they should already know the answer  How about you?

That Sucks Day-  There should be more than one of these during the year, but at least there's one.  Now you can tell you kids with feeling..."man, that sucks.  And do you know what?  Today is your day, because today is 'that sucks day!'"  Okay - I guess a real good parent would say that, right?  Even to their adult children???  sigh.

World Art Day - Art appreciation all over the world, I guess.  I know this belongs under the music appreciation more than art, but music is art too, right?  Anyway - I heard a program on the radio yesterday where they were interviewing someone who was a classical musician, and his fear was that classical music would be lost because the younger generation doesn't like it or isn't familiar with it or doesn't appreciate it.  People will sit and talk about rock music, or pop music or one artist or another, but hardly ever will you find them sitting and talking about Bach or Beethoven or Vivaldi. Hm..  So...appreciate matter what it's form today.  Personally, I listen to classical music all the time, mainly because I hate commercials, but also because I like the music without words. 

And last...for food - Glazed spiral ham day!  - makes me feel like it should be a Sunday and have a formal dinner.  lol.  We made a cobbler last night...homemade peaches and white cake mix.  My kids wondered why...all except for the one who reads my blog (which is usually a copy of this) and knew Wednesday was cobbler day.  

Well...It's the weekend.  I hope you all have a marvelous time.  Tomorrow is Husband Appreciation in case you don't tell them often enough, be sure and show them tomorrow.  Personally, mine is amazing and I appreciate him every day!


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