Friday the 13th?? no worries...

Everyone seems to be really glad it's Friday today, despite it being the 13th.  I think that's because none of us are really superstisious around here...we aren't worried about black cats or ladders, and I open umbrellas in the house all the  well...indoors anyway.

So...It's been a crazy week, and next week is likely to be more of the same, but for now we have a gorgeous weekend up ahead!  For those of you who like those kind of things, there's a Renaissance fair up in Ogden that's kind of fun.  This weekend's theme is fairies, and my granddaughters and I are going.

Okay - so for today's stuff from Brownielocks...

Blame Someone Else Day - I didn't even think they'd have a day like this...but then I never thought there was a two different colored shoe day either.  go figure.  this is a great day for siblings, right?  We all do that anyway...

Frog Jumping Day - I think I remember this from last year.  People really do have frog jumping races, and it's a bit more popular down in the south.  I would imagine that's because they have lots more frogs down  Most of the frogs I've seen around my yard have been little tree frogs.  They are sooo cute!!

Friday the 13th! - Of course we all knew today was Friday the 13th.  Personally, I think this is a great day!  I'm looking forward to when my granddaughter's bday lands on a Friday - that should be fun.  

And's Hummus Day - so if you like Hummus, great fun!  Personally, I like it, but my hubby doesn't.  I guess I'll make up a small batch and enjoy.  I wonder if my kids would eat it....  probably not.  

Well...  have a great day, and a wonderful weekend.  You deserve it!!

Here's a little music to start you off ... This is a great song.  😊


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