Happy Cinco de Mayo and all that

I think it's funny that we celebrate it bigger here than in Mexico, and it's a Mexican holiday.  Why is that??  I guess perhaps it's because we like Tex-Mex food, and hey, I think most of us are ready for any excuse to party, right?

(can't remember where I found it - sorry guys....I'm sure someone created it - let me know so I can give you credit...)

So...there, the big splash, lol.

I think we're having fajitas for dinner...much to my sons dismay - he's supposed to do the one cooking.  :)  So you know who's going to end up doing most of it...sigh.  what is your traditional food?  Tacos?  Have to have guacamole and chips... I don't care what day it is, lol.

anyway....onward to Brownilocks thoughts for the day:

Cartoonists Day - so many to honor...so little space. 
 My favorites are of course the Peanuts!  with Charles M Schultz..  

 and then Calvin and Hobbs - I STILL miss this comic strip.  This guy was amazing (Bill Watterson) and I guess he was done with commercialism...did you know that he never let any of his stuff be commercialized??  Interesting...I guess he was willing to draw the strip, but didn't want people buying little Calvins and Hobbs.  :(   I guess that's his right...  sigh.  (there is currently an artist that is combining his stuff in the style of Bill Watterson, it's pretty cool.  Brian Kesinger)
  and of course, For Better or For Worse.

International Day of the Midwife - Okay, I put this on here only because studio C did a skit recently that ended up talking about midwifes and you have to see it!!!  Hope this doesn't make anyone mad at me...
International Roller Derby Day -
who remembers roller derbys??  Hey, this was big when I was a kid.  It usually came on after the Saturday morning cartoons...some of those women were MEAN!

National Day of Prayer - National Day of Reason - I think it's interesting that these two are on the same day.  I would say that they go hand in hand.  A reasonable person would turn to prayer...and prayer would make one reason things out.  Don't you think?
National Teacher Day - I think most of them were appreciated last week or this week.  Everyone loves the teachers!!  YEAH team, lol.  (I think I'm in a mood today... - I told my children I blame them all equally, darn sinus infections)

Totally Chipotle Day - I think this is totally because of Cinco de Mayo... but I do like their food, so go enjoy!  However, I think I like Costa Vida better, lol

Revenge of the Fifth (Star Wars Sith) - there was a meme on Facebook yesterday that someone posted...  if Wednesday was the 4th (may the forth be with you) and today is Revenge of the Fifths...then isn't Monday the Return of the Siths? whatever...  I don't get that whole thing anyway because I'm not that into it...lol.

So - there you have it.  A day of celebrating people south of the border, artist who draw in small scale (when forced) and angry women who would have loved to smash someone who said 'may the forth be with you".  :)  

have a good one!


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