Life is Crazy...ya know?

Between moving storage sheds, and having grandchildren over, and working and house stuff and LIFE....I feel like we are in a stressful environment.  My poor hubby is feeling the effects of it...and a big deal of it is our adult children and having to oversee the job hunting and rent working...sigh.  My mother - in - law is telling us to kick them all out - again.  We are REAL close to doing that...but they are also very close to getting their lives in order.  I just hope we all survive.  If you hear about a home explosion with a large family inside, that was probably us, lol

So...yesterday I had a migrane and wasn't able to share the fun stuff that was the I wanted to mention a couple of them, as they are sooo worth mentioning!!  :)
Yesterday was I Love Reeses Day - which are awesome stuff...have you ever made homemade ones??  YUM!  last year we made the Easter eggs...  not too bad looking, huh?  

National Museum Day - I think museums are amazing when you can afford to go in

Visit Your Relatives Day - it was my father-in-law's 91st birthday yesterday, so we went and had cake and ice cream with him....and then my mother-in-law proceeded to ream all my adult children who had come up oneside and down another...sigh.  and she wonders why they don't like to go visit her very often???
And today is 
National Scooter Day!!  I used to have a scooter.  Remember when I posted about that??

It's also Devils Food Cake day and world baking day.  I think those two kind of go together, don't you?'s also quite the thunder storm hope you are out of it and enjoying the sound.  I sure am.
Have a good one!


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