Six years ago...

I used to get comments on my blog.  Not always a lot, we're talking like 3...maybe 4.  There were times when I had over a 100 views.  It was heady stuff.

Now I'm lucky if I get 12 or 14.  Sometimes as many as are listed as following me, lol.  It's kind of humbling.  My daughter is the only one that comments any more.

I get that we are a busier society now, you may have a minute to read something, but sometimes you have to log in to comment, so the blog isn't that excited or doesn't arouse a desire to comment - sigh.  I try to comment on ones that I really enjoy so that they know I'm reading them.  Did you realize that I've been doing this blog for that long?

I've actually had this blog since 2004.  I started blogging as a way to try and bring people to our pizza shop that we owned in 2002 to 2004, and when it went under, I liked the blogging enough to keep doing it.  I am a writer, after all.  :)   Most of the time it's fun.  The times when I've stopped is when I've felt like I had nothing to say...

So - just tossing that out there this overcast/rainy Friday morning...contemplating how I've only got 2 Friday's left before I have the summer ahead of me!!!  Life is good.

So...anyway - today's fun thoughts from Brownielocks...

Eliza Doolittle Day - got to love Eliza!!  I think I posted photos from the movie last year...but who gets enough of Audrey Hepburn??  If only I didn't hate the

NASCAR Day - Okay, so I'm not really into NASCAR, but I like CARs...and I really liked lets all celebrate the under dog!!  and you know who the first original one was, right?  Love bug!!!  

 National Bike to Work Day - I have a co-worker that does this it's not really a big deal for him.  How many of you do this??  There was a time I rode a scooter to work...but I'm afraid that won't work now...too many things to carry with me, lol.

National Pizza Party Day - we had our pizza party last night...well, sort of, son made pizza for dinner.  Which is your favorite pizza?  If we're ordering out we get Dominoes Deep dish...yum...

Well...hope you have an awesome day!! 


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