It's June!! finally!.... sigh

happy June 1st!!  Can you believe May is over?  I wondered if it was ever going to end.  For some reason May seemed eternal...  sigh.
And now it's June!  😊  I'm excited.  I'm not really thrilled that the temperature is supposed to get to the 90's already...I'm not ready for that.  I like the 70's!!

Everyone is busy getting ready for summer!  Hopefully you had an awesome Memorial Day weekend...first BBQ, yada yada... visiting the graves...  I never used to think of that till we moved up here and my sisters tend the graves every year.  It's become something we do as a family, which is kind of cool.  This time we took my little granddaughter that has never seen the graves, nor her great grandparents.  It was kind of neat...  though I sure it didn't really mean anything to her, lol.  I missed my sis...sigh.  I took some of our huge purple iris to put on the graves. 
I meant to post a big thing about my dad and his service, but never got it past facebook. 

Charles Parker - 2nd Ranger
One of the few - the brave - the strong - who fought for our freedoms and those who could not fight for themselves.  Thanks for being an example, dad.  Wish you were still here...
sigh. are some fun things for the day -
National Go Barefoot Day - own personal holiday!!   I always go barefoot when I can.  My hubby bemoans my lack of footwear. 
Unfortunately, I also pay the price, right now my heals are soooo dry and cracking...sigh.  I know...that's a little TMI...what's your secret to keeping your heals from drying out??

National Olive Day -
for all those who like the olive, here we go.  I used to be quite the olive lover.  Now I can take them or leave them.  But only the black ones....I don't go near the green ones.  My hubby loves those...of course, he loves dill pickles and horseradish go figure.  At least he loves me, lol.  😊

National Running Day -
I'm not a runner, but there are loads of them out there.  Have fun on your day!  Go work those legs!   

Here's a fun studio c skit about running...  lol

Oscar The Grouch Day - everyone pretend you're blue and be grouchy!  I know, for some of you, that comes naturally (well, the grouchy part, lol).  I hear that they've changed this character now in Sesame street...I hope not.  Kids need to know that not everyone is happy all the time.  Reality folks, reality. 

Say Something Nice Day - ironically, this is the same day as the one honoring Oscar, which is pretty much the opposite.  But that's okay...all of you know how to say something nice, you do it all the time!  At least I've heard all of you...and you are all amazing!!

have an awesome day!!


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