So... some thoughts and a rant...

Let's start out on a lighter note...  today has only a couple of things that I care to mention from brownielocks...

Upsy Daisy Day - which made me think of this scene from Notting Hill...  It's not Upsy Daisy, but it's VERY close.  ;)

My daughter says such things all the time, and gets the strangest looks from people.  What can I say?  We don't swear, so we have odd phrases.  My hubby grew up with "Crying tears in the sink!"

It's Jelly Filled Doughnut day...  which is about the best doughnut to eat...though I think the cream filled ones can be good, depending on how good the cream is...  :)

World Oceans Day - I wanted to mention this one because we are going on a cruise!!!  I'm so excited.  I've been on 2, and we were starting to go through withdrawal.  Apparently once you've been on one, you get to itching to go every five to six years.  We've managed to put it off till now, but we've also decided we don't want to wait so long for the next one.  The kids have all informed us that we need to do a family one, so that should be interesting.  Any travel agents out there that want a client?  lol

I'm just excited that in a couple of weeks I'm going to be in 70 degree weather...anythings better than 90's!!  

so... onto my rant.

I have seen a plethora of posts in Facebook and various other spots on the web that are nothing but angry, nasty statements about men who were awesome.  

First let me say that while I have leaned toward the Republican party in the past, I am NOT affiliated with them. I was raised to be an Independent, and if anything I would be a Libertarian, (I think...haven't had time to really look into their whole ideal).  I was somewhat active in my young teenage foster family was big for Nixon (I know...don't hate me!!) and I remember encouraging everyone to vote for him.  
I remember hating Jimmy Carter...and I didn't even drive.  (lest you wonder why I make that statement, we were rationing gas in California during the 70s...and if you had a license plate that ended in odd number, you got gas on certain days.  If you ever watched an old TV cop show - there were several times where people got in fights waiting in line for gas. And the lines for gas went AROUND the corner from the station...  it was ugly.  People complain about the price, but I think that was worse.  And it was only .60 a gallon, by the way...)
by the time Reagan was in office, we were ready for someone who had some brains, and resolve.  He was AWESOME.  Unless you were alive during that time and voted, don't be giving me slack!  He was a legend.  A man that had been a star in Hollywood, was a body builder like Schwarzenegger and had a wife that he LOVED and was faithful to their entire marriage.  Many people criticized her influence on him, but they had a true marriage, and who else do we consult with?  Doesn't matter what office you hold, your spouse is your confidant, etc.  
He was for equality, didn't support segregation.  Here's a quote from the internet about his teenage years..."For the time, Reagan was unusual in his opposition to racial discrimination, and recalled a time in Dixon when the local inn would not allow black people to stay there. Reagan brought them back to his house, where his mother invited them to stay the night and have breakfast the next morning" (okay, wikipedia, but I didn't have a lot of time for research...)
Anyway - I dropped out of the political ring, so to speak, when I started having children.  I voted, but I wasn't actively involved in the process.  The first 10 years of my marriage was consumed with child rearing and surviving.  (What can I say...7 children in  8 years...)
I voted for both Bushes.  I think the father was good, and I still like the second, though he is held for much criticism.  I would like to have seen how any other president would have reacted to 9/11.  I'll never forget the Olympics and how he sat with the athletes and mingled with them, talking on the phone to parents.  He wasn't ashamed of America.  His father wasn't ashamed of America.
We didn't know world scorn until Clinton.
And it hasn't recovered.
It has known a new low.
People say that President Obama brought jobs, insurance and economic stability to the general public.  He only started to topple the things that were set in motion 20 years ago.  I lived through the 80s and 90s.  We were a lower income family, yes, we benefited from government programs, but we never did qualify for food stamps.  We had helped us get formula and food for the kids.  I was a stay at home mom.
Shall I repeat that??  
I was a stay at home mom.  I didn't work until our 5th child was a year old and my husband had lost his job and wasn't finding one right away.  
I only worked until he found one and there was promise that he would continue into the next year.
Then I quit.
I didn't work full time before or after that until my youngest was in school.  I did work a couple of part time the evenings and on Saturdays when my hubby could watch the kids.  It was a nice break to get out of the house for 2 hours and earn a little income at the same time.
We didn't have cell phones...we didn't really have computers.  I did do a data entry job that was done on our computer, but it died when we moved because it was too far away.  That job was mainly to keep my keyboarding skills up.
The internet wasn't really an option until we moved and it became a necessity for work.  Then it was dial up.  (MAN was that slow - but we thought it was cool)  We paid for it.  There were no government subsidies.  My hubbys job now gave us insurance.  We would probably be considered lower middle income.  We were a family of 9 with one main income.
At a time when most couples were both working.
I did not start working because of necessity.  I started working because that had always been the plan...when our children were old enough to be in school, I would start work part time.  What else was I going to do with my time?  Sit home and eat bon bons?  lol
Anyway - I'm saying that we've been on the lower side of things.  We've been to the point where we wondered where our next meal might come from, and had neighbors and our religious leaders step in to help.  NOT the government.  It never did work for us.
We are possibly now (with both of us working) maybe middle class.  Still on the lower end...  because my husband's employer doesn't value his experience or college degree.
Society in general has shifted.  It used to be about 20 years ago, that having a bachelors degree was a big deal.  It meant there was higher pay, that you were worth more.
Not any more.  Both of us work in education.  To get a better pay scale, you have to have a masters.  Most teachers end up getting a doctorate so that when they retire they can actually LIVE on their retirement.
But that's another
What I'm trying to say, is that I'm not blind.  I've been there.    I understand people's frustration with the Republicans.  I see the same issue with the Democrats.  I think both parties need to be revamped, and I think people have forgotten what we really are.  We are NOT a Democracy.  We are a Republic!  Republics have checks and balances so that no ONE person has all the power.  
I might have posted this before, but I'm going to post it again...this video is pretty clear about what each part of a government is...

I'm not saying that this is the end all and be all of my view on the government...and I'm not saying that people shouldn't have their right to express themselves.  I am just putting my right to express myself out there.  
My main point? 
If we as a people don't start to work together to build our country back up, then it won't matter who is at the helm.  
We will be doomed.   
No one seems to care that families are falling apart, the very fabric of society that was standard for almost 200 being ripped at the very seam.  Everyone likes to forget that this country was founded by men of faith.
Faith in God.  Not an angry God who condemns the innocent or demands perfection.  A loving God who wants us to be free. 
The United States was founded on freedom OF religion. That means that everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to believe -- but cannot force others to bend to their beliefs.
The current mode of society is tossing that in the garbage. According to what I keep reading, God has no place in education, in the marketplace, or in government. The very discussion of God offends (supposedly) everyone, and heaven forbid we offend anyone.  
My right to believe in God is more important than your sensibilities.  He still loves you, even if you don't love or believe in Him. 
However, if there is no place for God, then there is no place for belief.  Faith.  Morality.  All of these affect our society in general.   
Every individual needs to take up the cause of freedom and liberty and get the right person elected.  I don't know what that person looks like right now, but I know it's not either of the two that are being touted as the nominees.  
We need help.
And I don't think the majority of the populace are going to look for it.
Are you?


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