I made it to Friday!

Has this seemed like a long week to you?  Perhaps it's just been crazy, but I'm really glad it's Friday, and for once, we are staying home and working on stuff around the house!  How about you? 

Theres several fun things I'd like to point out or recommend today...

First, I'm sad we missed National Cheese Toast Day yesterday - I mean, how do you beat cheese and toast??  We had veggies with cheese for dinner, so ya know, best of both worlds, lol.

National Guacamole Day - how can you not celebrate this day??  I'm so excited, I'm going to be buying some avocados on the way home.  :)

Play-doh Day - and finally, a reason to play with grand children!  If I were going to be seeing them today...this would be fun.  Is it crazy how many colors they have today than when we were kids?  I mean, black?  Purple?  awesome.  

Well...have to run.  I'm hoping to post some other thoughts when I get the time this weekend...but at this point,we're done.  Have a great one!


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