It's the Holidays!!

And I'm off work!!  It's so nice, I tell ya.  I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that I do like my's awesome that I have a job where I can take time off, and get summer off and still get paid.  :)  It's awesome.

But -- that being said... I'm really glad to have the next 2 weeks off.  Just saying!  It's awesome.  And today, we're getting new windows!  If only we could have afforded to replace ALL of them, but we don't have thousands of dollars, ya know?  OR I wouldn't be working, lol.

As it is, it's going to take over 5 years to pay off these ones.  :)  Kind of like a car...sigh.

Anyway - coolness.  We made candy the other night, that was fun.  I tried caramel (again...) and it tastes good, but it isn't cutable.  So...messed up again.  I don't know what it is about me and caramel...I think I might be too impatient and not let it cook long enough.  I also think I might need to get a real candy thermometer.  What do you think?  lol.

Anyway - today is fried shrimp day!  Unfortunately, we won't be having that...we're going to have homemade mac and cheese with leftover ham in it.  AWESOME!  so...just saying.

Hope you're having a great day!

Today in the Light of the World challenge, is seeing the potential in others.  That can mean anyone - building anyone up and reminding them that they are children of God and have the potential to do whatever it is they want to do.

We are all capable of fulfilling our dreams.  It takes determination and faith in ourselves.  In ourselves and in Jesus Christ...He makes it possible for us.

So - I hope you have a marvelous day, find your potential, and remember that Jesus loves you.

Can't go wrong with that!


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