Only 13 days left...who are you going to teach?

Till Christmas Day!  I can't believe how fast it's going.  I've been watching the days with anxiety, because I know that they're going faster than I want them too!!  sigh.  So much to much I want to fit in.  Like the Light of Christmas is #12...and it's teach someone - that's sooo much of what Christ did, was teach.

How do you try to teach?  Do you teach your children, grandchildren, neighbors?  There is a lot of options out there...  I'm still trying to figure out what to claim, lol.

First...last Friday I got to be Grandma!!  It was the first time my granddaughter was performing in a Christmas program for kindergarten. It was sooo much fun!  And she did such a good job.  I was as proud as I could be!  And then there was her  She was such a cutie!

Don't you think?

Today has a couple of things to celebrate from  ...
Gingerbread House Day - someone shared a video on making one out of chocolate...  I like the idea of making them with graham crackers - much faster than making the gingerbread, and it's not like anyone actually EATs one of these, right?  I mean...right??

National Cocoa Day -
one of my favorite things!  I made some homemade hot cocoa for the party saturday, and it's made in a crock pot.  Everyone was more thrilled with the cider, but I thought the hot chocolate was the bomb.  It wasn't low fat by any means...and it's not a cheap version, so I won't be making it often.  But you ought to try it at least once.  😊  This is the recipe I made.

and last...
it's National Poinsettia Day - somehow poinsettia's have become totally connected to Christmas.  For some people, the season wouldn't be the same without those bright red leaves...or white ones now...  My hubby always gets one for my mother-in-law so she'll have fresh greens in her home.  We have a tall fake one someone gave us and I always have to remember to dust it, lol.  In looking up it's history there's a little story about a girl who wants to bring a gift to Christ and doesn't have anything.  She picks some wild flowers and when she presents them at the altar, they burst into beautiful red blossoms.  Here's a link...

I'm not a big poinsettia fan...but ya know.  A bit of trivia for the day... 

Well..have a good one!! be sure to have some hot cocoa!!


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