It's Monday and it's a great day!

Hope you had a great weekend!  If you are super bowl fans apparently it was quite the game (we never watch it).  If you aren't, well, we know how to have fun, right?  We played a wild game of Wizard (which is sort of like Mormon Bridge...) lol.  I hear the best thing about it is the commercials. :)

Just a couple of things...first,Brownielocks says it's Canadian Maple Syrup day...which is actually a bit international, and not exactly promoting US, but we like Canada, right??  And hey, maple syrup is good stuff, no matter which side of the border it comes from.  Do you ever use it in cooking?  It's a good alternative for some sugar items.  Anyway - you could have waffles for dinner and have syrup!  good stuff.

And also, it's Frozen Yogurt day!  That's a yummy idea too.  We haven't gotten frozen yogurt in a long time, and my hubby got some for the boys when they got their wisdom teeth out.  I'd forgotten how good it is!  So, go grab a pint and enjoy on the waffles!  YUM.

It's supposed to be rainy today - which keeps that old line from the Carpenters song going...  "Rainy days and Mondays..."  but they don't get me down, and I hope they don't get you down either.  Have a great day!!


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