It's that time again....

That's right, Valentine's Day!!!
One of my favorite days of the year.  Do you know that the card industry loves this holiday??  sigh.

I was looking up all the stuff going on today in Brownielocks, and I could not believe the celebrations going on today.  So, it's not just Valentines...and that means there are options for those who are bah-humbug about this day that everyone else likes to gush over.  😊  (which would include me, lol)

National Creme Filled Chocolates day - of course.  But, personally, I don't like those kind.  Give me a dark chocolate Dove heart, and I'm happy.  :)

Extraterrestrial Culture Day and Extraterrestrial Visitor Day - I guess would be for those who are really into extraterrestials.  Ever seen the movie Escape to Witch Mountain? The new one with the Rock?  There's a convention in Las Vegas that would sooo go along with these

Ferris Wheel Day - Who loves the ferris wheel??!!  Everyone raise your hand...well, except my daughter.  She hates the one at Lagoon because she's not really fond of heights.  I don't really like that it turns...but I can force myself to relax, lol.

International Book Giving Day - I hear that there's a country in Europe that has a tradition on Christmas Eve that they all give each other a book and sit up reading and eating chocolate.  I think this day could be another tradition to adopt.  I have a couple of books left of one that I illustrated should someone want a free book, lol.  Contact me and I'll get it to you.  Wish my other ones were at the point to give year!!  :)  I also noticed that it doesn't have any reviews...if someone were to give me a review, that would be excellent!!  (I'll give you a free copy of my book that I'm writing. )

Library Lovers Day - this would go along with the book giving day, don't you think?  I love libraries...I could spend hours there, which is the problem.  I was telling someone the other day, I have to look up the book I want online and then go and pick it up so I don't spend the rest of the day there...  sigh.

League of Women Voters Day - women have come a long way since this time when they had to push the rights to vote.  We owe these women a great debt of thanks.  What I didn't know is that they are still in action.  Here's a link to the group in Utah...
Welcome to the League of Women Voters Utah. It's Time to Talk about the Legislature. Read up on the League's Legislative Priorities for 2017. If you would like to ...

And for those who aren't married, have a significant other or aren't dating at all...Singles Awareness Day or Singles Appreciation Day and Quirky Alone Day - that means they have something to celebrate, even if they don't get the hearts and roses.  They can buy themselves candy and say they deserve it, right?  My hubby always gets my daughters a valentine.  I wish men weren't so blind... (for my daughters!)  Although this is another reason some people are still alone, lol

And lastly...Valentines Day!  One of the biggest flower, candy and gift days of the year.  My sister-in-law works for Jimmy's flowers and she's a crazy busy woman the week before Valentines day. I hate how they jack up the cost of roses for that time -- you can get a dozen roses for less than $20 any other time!  But I was telling my hubby yesterday, every day is valentine's day with him.  😊 It's just fun to be silly and spread the cheer.   
(This is what Sandra Boynton posted on Twitter today. )

I think it's a great day to watch one of my favorite movies...  The Mirror Has Two Faces.  It gives those who are lonely a hope for love.  :)

So - no matter what your thoughts are on the day, if you're a teacher and have to deal with sugar buzzed kids, or a parent with emotional train wreaks or single and lonely depression, I hope you find something to celebrate in this day.  The sky is blue and the world is a wonderful place because you are in it!!


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