Still reining...

I said Snow was King in a previous post...well, it's keeping it's rein going!!  We woke up to powder that was awesome!  If I were a skier, I'd be loving life right now.  Anyway - I'm not a skier, and I don't particularly like to drive in it, but I'm settled for the day and so I can admire it through the window.  :)

Some of my writer friends live in areas that get snow days...  they've already had 17 or so days this year.  I have never seen a snow day, that I remember.  We've had delayed start...sigh.  It would be nice to have one, just once!!  

Oh well...Hope you had a great weekend!  We spent the majority of it babysitting grandkids at last minute.  It was fun for the most part...4 month olds just aren't always happy, ya know?  but at least he sleeps through the night.  😊  And the other two were totally bored with the Swan Princess... sigh.

Anyway, some fun things -

International Polar Bear Day - apparently this is to raise awareness of the lack of ice for the polar bears.  There is a challenge to lower your thermostat so that less energy is used, yada yada.  I'm sorry, I'm one of those that aren't politically correct and while I agree that there is a warming trend, I do not think it's totally man made or that we can reverse it enough to stop what's happening. It's my opinion that the earth goes through cycles (science 101 according to gparker...), and this is yet another 
                                                                                                                                                                            (photo credit is Steven Kazlowski)
 one...please don't hate me. ( I tease my hubby it's the planet going through menopause...)
Anyway - feel free to celebrate however you want.  😊  I thought this picture was darling cause it looked like the bear is giving you a high five!

National Cupcake Day (Canada) And mainly because my hubby is a wannabe Canadian (LDS Mission, lol) we always celebrate Canadian stuff - here's a great excuse to eat cake.  Which is all cupcakes cakes.  I just wish they were less messy to eat...  I think I'll just make cake and tell everyone to pretend it's a cupcake...they won't mind.  😊

and's National Strawberry day! odd to have it in the middle of February, when it's not a growing season for most of the US...but ya know.  I guess we can still find them in the store.

Didn't most of us have the chocolate dipped variety a couple weeks ago?  😊  Yum. 

And for a feel good story... this was in the Deseret News this morning, and was just too awesome not to share:
Mark Parry opened the front door and saw his hero, Chuck Norris, standing on the other side.
I've always thought Chuck Norris was cool...but now there's proof, lol.
So...everyone enjoy the day as best you can, be safe driving and keep smiling!!  You're all awesome.


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