We made it!!

It's Friday at last!  And for a long weekend too.  What could be better?  Going out of town!!  That's right, I'm taking my hubby out for Valentines.  Kids get to fend for themselves.  It's a good thing they're all adults, right? lol

Anyway - I'm excited.  He doesn't know that we're not really going anywhere, lol.  But hopefully he'll still have fun and relax.  He's been sooo stressed with work - poor man.  :(

So anyway - Today doesn't have much to celebrate other than that and that it's National Random Acts of Kindness Day.  Sandra Boynton posted a great one on her twitter...
She's so awesome.  Can't believe I've been collecting her stuff for over 30 years....  ugh.  Let's not go there, lol

Anyway - it's also Indian Pudding Day - which if you know your puddings, you'll know this is made of corn meal and has nothing to do with Indians.  sigh.  The stuff you learn when researching.  😊

And just to help get those feet moving and spirits rising, here's a couple of my favorites.  😊  Turn up the volume and get everyone dancing!

  This one is appropriate for the day, lol

Last one - in honor of my hubby who LOVES the Peanuts Movie.  :)

Have a good one!


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