Happy last day of March!! And - it's Friday!! lol

Happy last day of March...crazy month, huh?  Typical Utah spring.  I just had a couple of things I wanted to share, cause they're fun.
First...Crayola is retiring a crayon color for the box of 24 colors today.  I know this because I was in a school yesterday where they were having the students guess which one it was going to be.  The predominant guess was White.
So...in honor of National Crayon day - (which is today)  They announced the retired color...  (drum roll for anyone who's curious...)  And the loosing color is Dandelion!  We figured it was one of the yellows or oranges or reds, since there were several shades of each.  So...they are celebrating Dandelion and selling all sorts of stuff in it's honor.  You can see it all Here.

Kind of silly.  😊 speaking of silly...  studio C has a video on crayons, lol

For food, they had three different things.  Tater day, Clams on the half shell day, and Oranges and lemons day.   I like taters, so we'll probably celebrate that in some form.  Not sure about clams on the half shell...like them fried, lol.  And oranges and lemons - must be a citrus thing.

Well, that's the excitement for today.  Go get your coloring skills on and enjoy dandelion while you can, lol.  


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