It's Monday and the first day of spring!

Hope you had a great weekend.  It was a mixture for to see Mary Poppins at the Centerpoint Theater, and they did a really good job.  If you want something reasonable to go see, that would be good. 😊   Fair is different from the movie, though it has lots of similarities.  But I was feeling yucky most the day...hubby was sweet and trying to get me to spend the day in bed so it wouldn't get worse.  Fortunately it didn't, and I was able to go to the play.  Tell ya though, the allergies are worse this year!!  Poor hubby is dying whenever he walks outside and my eyes are itching really bad.  sigh.

Our garden slave got some peas planted (my daughter who lives at home and does chores for part of rent, lol) and it's definitely a reason to keep her for a while, she's the only one really worried about planting anything. 😊
So, here's the list for today (mostly from Brownielocks)...some silly, some crazy...hopefully something will bring a smile to your face.  Especially if your like one of the teachers whose water heater died this morning... ugh!!

Alien Abduction Day - like I said, some crazy.  This apparently started  at the Toronto Alien Festival in 2008.  So it's had a couple of years to grow...  reminds me of Race to Witch Mountain where they are in Vegas during the alien festival...  sigh.  I really wonder about people sometimes.  They really like the crazy convention stuff.  

Bed-in For Peace Day - I don't think this would really work, but it's a nice idea.  I'd stay in bed if I thought it would bring peace.  😊

Great American Meat Out Day - Kind of a push for being a vegetarian, but ya know.  If you're trying to get your family to eat less of it, this is a good excuse of a day to not eat it.  😊  personally, I think less meat is better for us...and grass fed beef is awesome.  Fish is really good for us, though right now they're scaring everyone with tales of high mercury levels..  sigh.  My daughter wouldn't eat any her whole pregnancy because the doctor said there was too much for the baby.   Maybe your own fish pond in the back yard?  At least we've done better at getting more fish in the diet this year.  
International Astrology Day - welcome to the first day of spring!  I always thought it was the 21st for some reason...  at least we have spring type weather going on.  Did everyone enjoy Saturday!? it was great.  We even grilled yesterday for the first time this year.  And it was cloudy... sigh.

International Day of Happiness - what a great day to celebrate!!  and a lovely day of spring to be happy on.  I would guess that's probably why they picked it, lol, whoever did the picking.  This means, of course, I have to post the video...  😊

French Language Day - for those in the French immersion program, here ya go - tell your students it's their day.  I'll have to see if my daughter remembers any of her junior high French...  Bonjour!

Kiss Your FiancΓ©e Day - I don't think anyone needs a day to kiss their fiancee, but here ya go.  Take advantage of it.  If anyone frowns, remind them it's your day, lol.

and last, but not least...
National Ravioli Day - yeah!!  I kind of like ravioli...not the chef boyardi kind though...ugh!!  gives me the shivers thinking about it...  But the yummy kind like they have at Sams Club...spinach and cheese is one flavor.  Which kind do you like?  My sister always gets the ravioli at Olive Garden.'s hoping you have a great day of spring and a great week.  Enjoy!!


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