March showers bring more green...

and it's not the type you get to spend.  It's the lawn, my friend.  Is your lawn growing yet??  Got to love it when the violets take over...sigh.  NOT.  Hubby doesn't like them, but I think it's lovely to have white and purple dotting your lawn.  Of course, it's the birds fault...they like to eat stuff and then poop all over our lawn...and then we haven't been doing much about weeds in the lawn over the past year, so we're on it now.  We bought lots of stuff to spread and hopefully it will be a nicer, greener lawn without the crabgrass and dandilions...but we'll see.  ;)

We sure can use it, despite the fact that we are so high over 'normal'.  We haven't had normal for a while, right?  So, anyway, love the rain.  "April showers bring May flowers" right?  Only it's whatever.  lol

There's a couple of fun things to mention in addition to the rain...

National Puppy Day - everyone loves a puppy!!  They are sooo cute.  Unfortunately, they're like kittens...they grow up and aren't quite as cute any more.  Unless you have a micro poodle...then they're small all their lives.  Those things are insanely small...I don't know how they do it - and I don't know why they can't leave the poor things alone, lol.  My daughter wants one of those little tea cup yorkie things.  sigh.  Thing would get lost in our house...

National Tamale Day - my hubbies favorite thing ever - tamales.  I grew up with a neighbor that used the make them once a year, and go around selling them.  I never liked them...I like the cornmeal around the outside, but not the fillings.  Since marrying my hubby, I have grown to like them more.  Every once in a while he'll come home with a bag from someone who is selling at one of his schools, or we'll get one from the corner in Layton...  but last time we got some it made us sick, so I think he's backed off a little.  We usually have chili and sour cream on top.  I like the chicken the best...  Do you like them?

Chip and Dip day - one of my favorite things!  I don't know what it is about dips, but they make the chip just a medium to get to the dip.  We love the spinach artichoke dip and usually eat it with crackers or sourdough bread.  Chip dip is usually ranch or onion or something.  Not sure we'll have any - trying to avoid salty fatty things right now.  😊

National Near Miss Day - I guess this is a day to celebrate your blessings.  I didn't even realize that it was to commemorate when an asteroid actually came close to us in 1989.  Of course, I had three girls under the age of three at that point, and probably didn't even watch the news.  Do you remember this?  Came within 6 hours of striking us.  I guess that's close...  sounds like a good plot for a book.  (wasn't that when planets collide?)

OK Day
- It was on this day in 1839 that people actually heard the word OK.  According to this website some reporters were playing around with abbreviations and came up with that instead of all correct.  Then came elections and the rest is history.  You can read all about it...  I admit, we say it alot in my family.  Do you?  I figure this is the best place to share the video by the Piano Guys...OK  😊

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the rain.  You're going to have some gorgeous flowers!!


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