Welcome to March!

Did it come in like a lamb or a lion?  I'm not sure if the snow storm we got counted as a lion, but it could have, and that means it should go out like a lamb, so I guess we'll see...

I haven't had the time to write this week till now because I've been so busy getting my books ready to get out, my website together and my links all hooked.  sigh.  Sometimes getting the thing out there is almost as time consuming as getting it written!!

there also hasn't really been much to celebrate on the silliness front, so that's been a delay too.  I wanted sooo bad to post Alex Boye's church basketball video...it's soooo funny!  Especially if your LDS and have seen anyone play church ball!!  I didn't realize that he'd posted it 5 years ago, but here you have it:

so...onto the other stuff.  :)

Barbie Day - which my cub scouts say are scary dolls, lol.  We went to the Layton City History museum last month, and there was a whole display case of barbie dolls in different outfits.  It freaked a couple of them out...  I grew up with Barbie dolls, but my granddaughter has these weird things called monster high dolls...that just don't look anything close to normal, and I guess that's better than the 'fake' barbie, right?  sigh.

Get Over It Day - I think this should be called Let it Go day, lol, but I guess this was started before that movie came out - who knows.  Apparently it was started by a guy named Jeff Goldblatt who was a TV anchor at one time and decided he needed a day get over a broken heart and move on.  He took the day off work and I guess other people liked the idea because it grew.  So get it off your chest and move on...Life is too short to dwell on stuff, right?

Nametag Day - celebrate your name! Are you proud of your name?  How did your parents decide on it?  My name is my grandmother's middle name...sigh.  I've never liked it, and I'm trying to do better, but it's not like Brittney or Sherie...I've always wanted some cutsie name.  😏  I guess I'll grow up one day and accept it.  Anyway - do you like yours?  The whole point of this holiday is to encourage people to get to know each other by name and appreciate your own.

Panic Day - so apparently this is the day to give into all your panics and fears and freak out so that the rest of the time you can handle it.  The whole 'keep calm and keep on' thing isn't for today, lol.  What do you panic about??  Here's a fun Studio C one about spiders...

National Meatball day - So, if you like the food celebrations, this is a good one.  Remember the movie Will Smith did called Hancock and they have meatballs with dinner one night?  Those were some huge meatballs!!  I'm not real big on meatballs, but if you like them, have a good one! I was hoping to post the scene where they are having dinner and she brings out the meatballs, but I can't find it.  Think it's time to watch the movie again though...  :)

Well - just so that I'm shameless...be sure and check out my new website for my books that are going to be coming out next month.  www.gparkerartwork.com.  So cool!!


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