A Little Sunshine?

Well...I've been so busy at work and at home that I've not posted as much as I would have liked.  I like the idea that my silly email at work was actually missed by one of the recipients, and that cheered me up a little.  :)
 My flowers continue to bloom and look wonderful...
Hope you all had an awesome break and Easter.  We had a fun Easter Egg hunt on Saturday ( my hubby calls them spring egg hunts, lol) and a real quiet Sunday.  Cooked a turkey (have a hard time serving ham on Easter - I mean, Christ would never have eaten it, ya know?? lol) and it broke in half.  I didn't think I'd over cooked it...strange.  Anyone else ever have that happen?  Talk about falling off the bone...

Anyway so, here are some events to enjoy:
Education & Sharing Day -This fits right in with our profession...you are already cool - but then you knew that, right?

National Garlic Day - ah the wonderful Garlic!!  If you were a vampire enthusiast, I guess you wouldn't like it as much...but there's so many things it's good for, an not just for enriching food.  Did you know it has many health benefits?  Good stuff.  😊 Garlic bread...that's what we need.
National Hanging Out Day - this is for those millenials, right?  that hang out instead of dating and moving on with their lives...sigh.  Well...at least that's what I thought it was about.  Actually...it's about hanging out your laundry!!  Conserve energy and hang up those clothes!  lol  I keep telling my hubby if he rigged up a line outside our back door that was on a pulley, I'd love it.  sigh.  anyway - if you have all day to hang them up and then pull them down, have at it.  😊
National Stress Awareness Day - and this is in honor of yesterday...tax day.  SIGH.  Can I just say how much I HATE taxes??  It stresses me out every year...just imagining that someone is going to tag us for auditing, or we'll have some kind of issues, etc.  This year we owe big time (got to love adult children who aren't going to school and earn too much money...😒 ) so I was stressed over that.  Good thing I had my hubbies and mine engagement anniversary to celebrate.  31 years ago he asked me...and I said yes!!  How did we celebrate?  Pizza!!! (Godfather's pizza isn't around close enough anymore... :( ... ) (what can I say - he asked me what my favorite food was - always has been pizza.  He should have asked (and claims he did) what food would be a celebration thing...lol)
What's your favorite way to relieve stress?
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day -  Some of these we really need a heads up on.  I mean, come on - find out that it's wear pajamas to work day and I'm already here!?  Of course, I'm sure some people would rather not be out in public in their pajamas, and there are some that - well, we won't elaborate.  You can feel like the kids in school and run around in jammies and have an excuse, right?  Hm.
National Amaretto Day - and last...Amaretto day.  I guess if you like the stuff, you're excited.  So - enjoy, whoever likes it.  😊

Have an awesome day!!


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