Happy Friday and end of April and...

 Next week is May!  Last real month of school...amazing how it goes when you are thinking it's going to take forever, lol.

Well, lots' of things because there are lots for tomorrow and I thought you'd want to know them.  😊 You know, inquiring minds want to know, right?  And all of you are curious cats, so to speak. 

before we get into all that, I wanted to share the latest photo of my grandson - he's so CUTE!  I know, I'm not biased or anything, lol.  But just saying - he's 6 months old now, and weighs 26 pounds!!  I tease my daughter that he's our little Buddha.  We switch arms when holding him fairly often...  lol

Hope you've been enjoying the bi-polar weather we've been having - typical Utah, right?  We might have a spring this next week, just in time for May.  😊  (Never mind the snow you are seeing outside your window right now... it will end soon!  lol )

so, onto the world's silly thoughts:

Biological Clock Day - Just saying, I don't think this was a thing till the 70's or 80's.  No one was worried about their biological clocks until women were in the workplace and realized they were running out of time to have children and families and all the stuff that is right in the world.  I guess that's something I never had to worry about...sigh.  (7 children is quite a few, especially when I was only going to have 1!)  Remember Look Who's Talking where she's having a nightmare and hanging onto the hands of a clock with the doctors voice in her head telling her that her biological clock is ticking?  Yeah...  

National Hairball Awareness Day - for those of you cat lovers...I guess it's a big deal...you're supposed to brush your cat as often as possible so they don't get as many hairballs... we're lucky if our cat will put up with being brushed.  Do you have issues with yours?  It's almost getting to shaving season...  πŸ˜‰   

National Teach Your Children To Save Day - this is always good your kids are never too old for this -- I promise you.  We're still going over this and our oldest turns 30 this year... sigh.  That's not possible.  I think I had her when I was 12...  

National Superhero Day - Yeah!  who's your favorite superhero?  I always liked the unknown ones when I used to read comic books.  Ever hear of Shadow girl?  That was one of my favorites.  She didn't have any power in the sun...  kind of hard to be a superhero in the daytime.  Anyway - today it's Wonder Woman!!  I used to watch the TV show. 
Anyone remember that?  The new movie coming out looks promising though...


 National Blueberry Pie day -  This is a yummy thought.  Anyone care for pie??  I think we ought to all go find some for lunch.  😊

And because there were so many, I thought I'd put tomorrows stuff out there too.  I don't know how people come up with all of this!  I think they have too much time on their hands, lol.  Or they are so dedicated to their cause that they want the world to know it... whatever - it's silly.  😊  (most of it)
  I cut out a lot because some of it was just tooo political.  This is supposed to be silly stuff, not depressing remember all the sadness in the world stuff.  ☹

International Dance Day - Dance!!  Dance like no one is watching, ya'all.  😊

or you can always learn to dance, lol
  one of my favorite parts of the movie.  😊

Eeyore's Birthday Day -

He's not going to be happy about it, but we all love Eeyore and would celebrate with him and Winnie the Pooh.  Have you heard there's going to be a new movie coming about Christopher Robin as an adult??  sigh.  Don't cry, Pooh...

National Herb Day - hey, herbs are awesome!!  Don't they add such flavor to our foods??  And they are good for you too, so enjoy!! 

National Pool Opening Day - for those who live in warmer climes, I'm sure.  Surf n Swim still has the cover on guys...it's still open.  Wednesdays are $1 a person right now!! 

National Prepare-a-thon Day- this day is to encourage everyone to prepare for any kind of emergency.  Not a lot of big disasters happen here, but we do get flooding, there is chance of mud slides, and we all know that some day the big quake is going to happen...are you prepared should you need to leave your home?  Have a backpack with essentials?  Have access to clean water?  It's a good idea...  find out more here.

National Sense of Smell Day - if you appreciate your nose and the joy it brings to your life, then this is a day for you.  Personally, I love the smell of flowers in the spring, and food when it's cooking.  Smell adds so much more to the enjoyment of life!  I sure am thankful for it...

Save The Frogs Day - okay - so something else that needs saving, I guess.  I like frogs well enough, but I don't know that I am worried about them.  Are you?    How about if we were all trying to find our handsome prince, lol. 

World Wish Day - what would you wish for?  World peace?  More money?  Here's some humor for the day...be glad you don't have a son like Kyle...

Zipper Day - Zippers! Who isn't glad to have zippers?  I don't know why they don't celebrate it on the birthday of the man credited with creating them, but who know.  I just know that they make my life a heck of a lot easier!! 
National Shrimp Scampi Day - and one of my favorite things...shrimp scampi!!  that would be something awesome for dinner tonight.  Good stuff...

Well, hope you've enjoyed the novel...and that you've had a good week.  This should be a good weekend and remember - you are the best you there is!!  πŸ˜‰


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