Lovely Spring...

Saturday and I am having to force myself to get moving.  It's the kind of day that I'd love to sit outside and watch the world go by.  sigh.
My hubby is at a class all day, and I should get loads done, but I have no ambition.  I remember thinking when I went to bed last night that hey, I can clean off my desk (it's bad people, bad!!) and clean our bedroom (why does dust congregate there more than anywhere else???  ARGH) and then the front room...sigh.  And I've started on the bedroom, started laundry, did a load of dishes, made breakfast and folded some clothes.  Now I'm out of energy.  sigh.
I'm definitely not 25 any more.  It's the pits.'s hoping you'all get more done than me.  :)
Have a great day!!


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