A Rose by any other name...

So - I mentioned I'm taking a business class, right?  And this week we are given some big challenges to fulfill.  I realize as I'm sitting here, that essentially I'm building my name.  I'm building the world of GParker Artworks, and it's a scary undertaking.  When I stepped into the bank to set up the account for it, I was almost as nervous as when asked for readers to review my books.
It's a scary thing, putting yourself out there in front of the world and hoping they don't run you over with an 18 wheeler.  So many times they're apt to, you know, and I really don't know how I'll handle it.

So far, I've gotten good feedback from the couple who have read and talked to me.  I'm still waiting on the others, lol...
But anyway - back to the name.  If I had one thing to focus on it wouldn't be as difficult. I'm not meaning to complain about the gifts I have been given, but hey - writing and painting don't always go hand in hand with each other.  :)
I think I've mentioned before that I have a hard time painting in the winter.  I think it might have something to do with light, when I give it serious thought.  So it's been easy...write in the winter, paint in the summer.  Although I've been trying to keep the writing bit going year round.

So, GParker Artwork has become kind of an umbrella for my key points of product. I decided I wanted to put that into art form...so here it is.

I kind of like it - used those brush tipped markers.  I use them a lot for my gift cards and the black is about dead.  sigh.
Anyway... so there you have it.  GParker Artworks is on.  I guess now I need to decide what my monthly goals will be...
I have two projects right now - finishing the editing on my third book of the Hibiscus ladies and getting my other book to Shadow Mountain.  
Nothing trivial...  :)
Have a great day.


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