Got Star Wars?

Yes, it's that time of year...the whole Star Wars take over the world, lol.  If you're a Star Wars fan you'll know what I'm talking about.  😊

Intergalactic Star Wars Day  (May the Fourth Be With You!) - Good day to have a Star Wars marathon, right?  Just a heads up...that means tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth...  Not Cinco de Mayo, lol
International Firefighters Day - These guys choose a very dangerous occupation, and it's a life saving thing.  Thank all you come in contact!

National Day of Prayer - It think it's nice to think that there's a little religion in the world today - we need all we can get.  I like to think that there's actual prayer in the White House today...

National Life Insurance Day - I think life insurance is all fine and good - some people take it to extremes, lol.  I'm no expert, but I guess everyone should have enough to at least bury themselves so that's not a burden on the ones left behind.  It made me think of Groundhog day and this scene...

Petite and Proud Day - have a couple of neighbors who are very petite and proud of it.  They're darling little red-headed midgets (well, technically...) I think I would build a world around me if I were that short.

World Password Day - just a reminder - if you don't routinely change your password, you might want to do it today.  It's always a good thing to switch it up.  It's a pain...but it's a good thing, lol

National Orange Juice Day - and lastly, we have OJ day.  Good stuff...but most dieticians would tell you it's better to eat an orange than to drink juice...just sayin.  😊's a gorgeous day outside!!  If you haven't been out there, you should just to enjoy the blue sky and warm temps!   Reminds me of this clip from George of the Jungle...  (the movie)

Have a great day!


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