Doughnuts, my friend...are the answer

to all life's ills.  I mean it.  It's kind of like the number 42...the answer to all that troubles you.  There is a doughnut for everyone's needs...

Baked ones for those who hate fried  

Healthy ones for those who don't want sugar - like with zucchini in them and applesause and yum...

deep fat fried for everyone else, lol

jelly filled (for those like Hollywood)

cake type doughnuts 

Spudnuts for purists - which is what I was raised on.  My foster dad would drive to the next city over in the morning on a Saturday every once in a while just to get official spudnut doughnuts!! 

and raised ones for those who don't really care - just give me sugar! which is another word for Krispy Kremes...  
 I remember when they first opened in Layton - we had our pizza store at that time and Big Budda asked us to donate pizza to their overnight waiting to open party...sigh.  We thought it was a craze that would go away.  They're still there...

Personally, I only like cake doughnuts - and chocolate is best.  However, our little local store sells blueberry doughnuts and they're awesome too.

Hug Your Cat Day - this is a difficult thing for cat owners.  Some cats are like Chloe in the Secret Life of Pets...
Leave The Office Early Day - this is good, right?  Everyone wants to leave work early...  especially on the last day of school.  :)

National Rotisserie Chicken Day - if you have to have regular food...somewhat healthy...instead of doughnuts... although why anyone would want that

Anyway - it's a beautiful day, wonderful life and you should tell everyone you love them and share a doughnut with the world.  It's the secret to world peace...really.


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