It's (sort of) officially summer!!

So where is everyone going this summer?  I'll be jealous of those who get to go to the beach...haven't been in a couple of years and I'm starting to go through withdrawals, lol.
At least I'm going to be seeing water this summer...we love going to Island Park in Idaho.  It's sooo nice!  Where is your favorite place to go?  Yellowstone has become our park of choice because it's so close, but there are other places too. 

So, there are a couple of celebrations today that are fun:

National Nailpolish Day - get your nails on, girls!  It's nailpolish day.  I am not a big nailpolish wearer now - was when I was younger.  Now I don't like to deal with the chips and dull and yada yada.  I get my nails done with gel shine and leave them.  
National Olive Day - Olives!!  They are so much fun - I love watching my grandchildren stick them on their fingers and totally enjoy eating them.  I used to like them much more, but once in a while I still nibble.  My hubby likes the green ones.  Which are your favorites? What I didn't know until today was that 99% of the olives we eat in the states come from California.  Who knew?  I knew they grew lots, but...yeah.

Oscar The Grouch Day - everyone loves to hate Oscar.  I guess that's why he's such a great character.  I've heard rumors that he no longer exists on Sesame that's their loss.  There are all types of people in the world, and pretending that grouches don't exist doesn't mean your child won't run into one at some time or another.  There...that's my soap box for the day.  lol  Enjoy the day!  
Say Something Nice Day - and I think it's ironic that this is the same day as Oscar's day.  I guess they hope to counteract or something.  However - I think this is great.  If everyone said something nice to everyone, there would be a lot less stress in the world.  Have you said something nice yet today?  Even a smile helps...

National Go Barefoot Day - now this is MY day!  My hubby would say that was everyday at our house, but ya know.  I have the worst time wearing shoes...I'd rather not.  But then, I also dislike mud between my toes, lol.  And cold, wet, okay, so I'm just a complainer!!  I'll stop... but barefeet...yes!
Hazelnut Cake Day - and so we end with's always the best way to end, don't you think?  I have never had a hazelnut cake, but I do like the flavor, so I might have to investigate this idea.  I'm actually looking forward to's Doughnut day, and Bowmans was even advertising it in their add for this maybe they'll have a sale... 

and just for grins since we got to have a video of the family faves from Studio C...

Whatever your drive, thoughts, or goals for the day, may it be an awesome one!!


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