Garening 100....101?

I am not a gardening fanatic. In fact, if I had my way, I'd probably have a little box on the porch with a cherry tomato, a bell pepper plant, a zuccini plant , perhaps some lettuce and some herbs. Something that I could sit and weed in a half hour and keep for fresh use. sigh...bliss.

But...since I am striving to follow the words of the prophets and have a large family that is difficult to feed cheaply, a garden is a necessity. So is weeding...and making the kids get up to help -- which is such a joy, I can't tell you. My 17 year old decided to have an attitude about half way through, because weeding is like, not his thing, you know? And he'd already done his bit, and I never said there had to be a unlimited time thing and hey, he was finished. He finally came back and finished with the family, but he's going to be unhappy when he discovers his nintendo time is cut short because of attitude.


At least one daughter came out without complaining. The other one wouldn't even turn over. We worry that in a real emergency, she wouldn't wake up before the house burned up or fell down around her ears in an earth quake. I pity her hubby when she has children and they wake up during the night...

At least it was a cooler night last night and I didn't have to move into the basement. grin.

Anyone need some apricots?? We have loads.


ali said…
Hi Gaynell! I'm glad I found you! Do you remember me? I met you at the LDStorymakers conference this year with Cathy. I sat with you. I really liked you then and I'm happy to have the chance to get to know you a bit better through your blog.

I'll check back often!
G. Parker said…
Thanks for stopping by! I remember you, wasn't that conference fun?
Have a good one.
C. L. Beck said…
Okay,you two, you're making me sad that I was in Hawaii instead of at the Conference.

Well ... almost!:-)

I had to laugh at your blog, Gaynell. All teenage boys are the same when it comes to weeding.

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