Well...I got the job of jobs sometimes...I'm a mystery shopper, and sometimes I get to do theater shops and see movies for free. Last night was one of those times, and I got to see Transformers, not just once, but twice...ugh. Although, I did really like it, so it wasn't that big of a pain, it was just LATE.

I ended up getting home at around 2 am, and then had to fill out the reports. That means I got to bed at about 3am because our stupid DSL keeps going down at the most inconvenient today I'm wasted. I hate when I feel like this, my brain is in a total fog. least it was a way cool movie. If any of you grew up on Transformers, you'll really like it, because the way the machines transform is totally cool! (grin - I sound like a kid) Anyway, I think your kids will totally love it, and want to buy the movie. It's actually pretty clean on the language too...just a few words here and there. The military men are surprisingly clean mouthed...

So, anyway, hope you have a good one...I think I'm going to go back to bed.


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