Well...Easter weekend was long and short and I wish I had another week. Does that make any sense?

My kids spring break was Friday and Monday, and fortunately, I get off the same days they do. So, Friday was so nice! I went to lunch with my sisters, which usually takes a couple of hours. I don't think I did a whole lot productive the whole day...hmm. Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt, which while chilly...was fun. My group is getting a little old for it, but the older kids like to help hide and of course the food afterward. This year was hot dogs...ugh. So I brought tuna and egg salads to scoop onto celery and lettuce leaves. It was wonderful. Then we proceeded to do yard work, although not too much with my hubbies still recovering back...sigh. But, this is the first year we've been able to prune the fruit trees most of the way!! We probably won't get anything this year now...lol

Sunday was wonderful meetings and a gorgeous day! We had my in-laws over for dinner, and dinner went very well. We played speed scrabble afterward. Anyone ever play that? I hadn't, it's very addicting.

Monday was another lazy day. We were going to go to the temple, but hey! When did they start being closed on Monday??? sigh. Oh well...that just means another day this week is a must. We played speed scrabble while the kids did laundry and played video games. (do we know how to get work done or what??? grin) We went swimming and then came home and had dinner and played some Wii... It was great. Now it's back to work...

I'm going to be doing Tristi's challenge in April. She's doing a Book In a Month challenge. I'm really feeling the need for something like that right now. If you are interested, go check it out! She's also got a great new template too...way to go Tristi!!


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