I haven't died...and contest is almost over!

Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind comments on our kitten and our backs...grin. It's been a long road. I'm finally feeling better, and am going back to work next week at normal hours. This week I was working shorter days to see how my back liked it. I am just soooo thankful that it was a short thing and that the Lord has blessed me so quickly. My hubby is doing better as well, and is planning on going back to work although he still won't be able to lift much and has a hard time standing or walking for very long. I guess we'll see how it goes.

The contest will definitely be ending this week, and I've finally come up with two prizes that the winner be able to pick from. At this point, it won't be hard as I've only had one entry that I've seen...where did everyone go who thought they had a paragraph??? Hello???

Anyway, having a fun lazy rainy day today and plan to get lots of laundry done. Thanks for your friendships.


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