Art in The City

Summer time is a great time to experience the arts. Not only are there many opportunities at the local fairs and festivals and farmers markets, but there is also the big daddy of them all, the Utah Arts Festival.

This has gotten very large over the years, from the small thing it was in the early 1980's to now. This year one of my fellow writers and talented artist is doing a demo there with her group of painters. Hazel Jensen will be demoing oil painting. She does great work, so you should go and check her out.

I am looking forward to the state fair, as usual. I love going through the exhibits and seeing all the different talents. Of course I spend most of my time in the fine arts building, but I've also gone through the other ones where they had the quilting (as I mentioned my friend had entered there) and the photography building. There is some amazing work out there.

The funnest one to go through is the craft section, the articles in there people make up is hilarious as well as enlightening. There are so many gifted and talented people in the world, it's simply amazing to see the abilities showcased in all the different exhibits.

If you don't feel up to the state fair, all the different counties have fairs as well. We like the county fair because it's free admission...grin. It also doesn't charge for submission of pieces to the fine arts.

They have a building that is filled by the senior citizens. It's so wonderful to see the work they do and the crafts they share and teach. I think if someone doesn't have a grandmother, they should contact one of these women to have them teach some of their skills -- lots of it is a lost art. Who teaches young women (or men) how to crochet? Knit? Cross stitch, needlepoint or tatting?

I was taught how to embroider and crochet by a grandmother, though she wasn't mine. I didn't even particularly like the lady, but I was grateful to learn how to embroider and crochet, both of which are art forms in and of themselves.

I have tried to teach my daughters and pass down these skills, and a couple of them enjoy them, but it's a hobby, nothing more. I remember when these skills used to be something that enriched a woman's life...a way to decorate an otherwise sparse home.

The art festival is the weekend of the 26th through the 29th, at the downtown library. The state fair is September 4th through 14, and the county fairs are at various times through out the summer. Searching through the internet will give you information and times on all of them. It's a good family outing, a good way to mingle with your neighbors (even those on!) -- you'll never know who you'll run into, or what new thing you might try. The Neighborhood is fun to explore too. Have you taken a tour yet?

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