Father's Day

Okay...remember my post about Mother's day and how my hubby was stressed out but the day went well anyway???


Let's contemplate Father's Day. I spent most of the afternoon telling my two oldest sons to stop arguing, as my dear hubby spent most of the afternoon getting the coals ready to cook dinner since we'd run out of gas for our grill and the burner had to be replaced (was his fathers day present from me...).

I was ready to shut them all in their own rooms and lock them in. We ended up eating outside on the lawn under the willow tree, and it was wonderful. The ribs turned out delicious, and the cobbler was tasty...so it ended well, but for a while there I was tempted to send him on his own little picnic so he could have some peace.

What is it about mother's and Father's day that brings out the worst in the children?? I just don't get it. They didn't even get up and make breakfast for him. My one daughter made it after we got home from church, but the other children wouldn't even help unless dragged.

My oldest daughter was the only one that got him anything, and I was pretty much ready to disown them all.

Well...at least he knows I love him. sigh. I'm looking forward to our anniversary next week...it should be nice and quiet and wonderful....hmmmm

That is if we don't melt from the heat first.. sigh. Good old summer is officially here.


oh the joys of parenthood..... doesn't appear to get better as they grow :(

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