Okay, I know keeping a garden is a commandment, so to speak, but it is definitely part of the 'torment man' part. sigh.

We try every year to get a garden in, and then we have to fight deer, bugs and dryness to get it growing. This year it's a little sparce -- due to hubbies back, children being busy, etc., we didn't get the peas and beans in like we wanted. We have just tomatoes and peppers so far, though hubby still wants to put in corn. Right now there isn't anywhere prepared for it, but that's normal.

Anyway...I send kids out to water the rest of it last night because we didn't get it all watered in the morning. I go out this morning with the few, the sleepy and the grumpy, to finish weeding, and discover they missed the rows I'd asked them to water. So...I'm fixing that while they are weeding, one little tiny plant at a time. Have you ever watched teenage boys waste time?? It's an art. I think they should do a study on it.

We also discovered that one of the tomatoes that had a basket put around it had been chopped at the bottom because the bottom of it was out of the cage...glasses, they all need glasses!!!

Okay...and then I got a blister on my little finger, on the inside of my knuckle. How do you manage that??? I can't figure out how I was holding it to get one that son suggested that when you hold a hoe, it rubs. Well, yeah...sigh. So, we still don't have a completely watered garden, the zuccini plant died...can you believe that?? We aren't going to have any this year unless we get another one in there quick. I wonder if I can just bug my neighbors... (I know...we are probably the only people in the neighborhood who WANT Zuccini! grin. We still have some frozen from last year I guess we'll just make due.


Sandra said…
For me, I love gardening. All during the long yucky cold winter I am planning and replanning and changing again. Then in March I can't wait until I can get out there and get my hands in the dirt. One of my favorite scents is the smell of freshly turned dirt.

(speaking of scents, we have a new party format and new products. I should come do a party for you)

I have the best recipe for a spaghetti sauce that uses zucchini. If you want it, I'll send it to you.

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