I Stand All Amazed

Sometimes the words of that song come to me for different things. Usually, when I come across something that is astounding, and obviously touched by the spirit. I thought as part of my blogging for your entertainment and information, I would look up the list of LDS Artists.

What I found simply amazed me. There were people I'd never heard of before -- and I felt bad that I hadn't known of them. Several of them are watercolor artists, and I wanted to highlight them today, since we've been talking about that medium.

Jodi Jensen's work reminds me a lot of Beatrice Potter. Apparently she likes rabbits and uses them in her paintings. Unlike most who try to do a lot of self promoting, I had a hard time finding much on Jodi -- I find her website. She is very talented, and her work is much in demand, so I guess she hasn't had to do much self promotion. I was glad to find information on her at least by the gallery that is showing her work online. You can also see that she has her own style of watercolor, and I think it's charming. The article at the Fit to Be Tiled website, said that she loved to garden, and that is where most of her inspiration comes from. Looking at her paintings, I can only imagine what a lovely garden she has. I love to sit in gardens, but imagining the work involved in them totally takes any fun out of it. (I'm just not a gardening person.)

Another watercolor artist that is perhaps even more well known, is Roland Lee. His website was an exploration in amazement as well. He uses the traditional clear painting method without black or white. I find it fascinating. His paintings touch the 'awe' button and I could gaze at them all day. Have you had an artist touch you that way? It's like I was saying a while ago, how we feel with spirit the things of beauty.

Another LDS artist I am unfamiliar with is Cloyd Bedke. His preferred medium is also watercolor, and he has done some fun stuff as well. His is a little more what I'm used to seeing as a style, and yet, he has some bold colors in his work. I love this one he's done of the San Diego temple. Something else amazing? He's the father of 10 children! How does he find time to paint with that? LOL. I'm sure his wife wonders...

It really astounds me the gifts and talents we have been given as a people. These are just a sprinkling, I'm sure, of what is out there in skill and dedication. I'm hoping that you'll get to know these artists and discover their abilities more closely as I'm going to.

And, again before you go...
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Thanks for sharing these glimpses into these talented people.

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